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Soaking Up the Flight Simulator Game Scenery

Thursday, October 10th, 2013

Perhaps the most overlooked element of flight simulator games can be summed up in one word:


If you jump onto a sales page for modern plane simulator games or pick up the booklet that comes along with Microsoft Flight Simulator X and you’ll instantly notice the emphasis that is heaped onto the variety of aircraft that is available to choose from and how painstakingly the controls and instruments have been recreated to mimic the real-life models of the planes featured in the games.

Now, don’t get me wrong here, all of these elements are essential to the success of a flight simulator game and without a variety of helicopters, glider and planes to select from you’re likely to have a pretty negative experience. Same too with the instruments and controls being recreated in an accurate fashion; if they’re unrealistic and feel like a cheap arcade knock off then chances are your pilot experiences are going to fall a little flat.

That being said though, I’ve noticed time and time again through my years of playing airplane simulator games that one element that seems to be only mentioned in passing before being glossed over completely is the scenery and – more accurately – the huge amount of places that these games permit you to visit via your mid-air journeys!

Variety is at its most important when you start talking about which landmarks you’re able to go and visit when you’re a virtual pilot. Simulation scenery is all well and good in a budget flight simulator game but when you stay paying out good money for the high quality simulators you want complete freedom and the ability to soar to unlimited heights, anywhere in the world.

Significant landmarks should be a part of this process and it should be entirely possible to fly to jaw-dropping locations like the Pyramids in Egypt or even the stunning Opera House in Sydney Australia. If you don’t have the option to see these type of landmarks or scenery options in your current flight simulator then perhaps it’s time you made a change.

One of the most cutting-edge innovations with most new flight simulator games is the incorporation of technology provided by Google Maps to accurately recreate real-world scenery to a standard that was previously thought impossible in any PC flight simulator game.

Developers are able to harness this technology to map the entire world into their titles, creating second-to-none, ultra-realistic scenery sets for gamers to savor.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been a life-long fan of these games or if you’re just thinking about trying your hand at them for the first time, you should really remember to keep the scenery at the forefront of your mind.

Checking that the flight simulator provides an impressive array of aircraft, offers additional hardware support and is set at a reasonable price is important but none of this means very much unless the flying experience feel realistic and that, in essence, all comes down to how crisp and impressive the overall scenery is!